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21 Of The Most Relatable Tweets About Being Unemployed

"Everybody tweet faster please, the unemployed people are bored."

If you're reading this between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., chances are that you, like nearly half the population, are unemployed!

So we've compiled 21 miserably funny, hopelessly relatable tweets to help you laugh through these times:


I'm just going to sign up for unemployment at the 3 in the morning when it's less busy and so they know how unemployed I am.


Unemployed for a month and this is my major takeaway:


Sarah Maclachlan playing over black-and-white footage of unemployed English majors checking Reddit.


Did you know that if you're unemployed long enough hot dog can become an omelet ingredient?


I don't have time for this, I said while unemployed & eating food in bed


Being recently unemployed and asking your recently unemployed roommate “aren’t u late for work?” First thing every morning and laughing like doomed goblins


Only took me two hours of being unemployed for my Dad to suggest coding classes again


It took one week of being unemployed for my sleep schedule to revert to that of an actual capital C Creature


Nobody tells you how stoked your cat gets about you being unemployed


The hardest part of being unemployed is that crying in the bathroom at home completely lacks the dramatic flair of crying in the bathroom at work.


"Matinee" sounds a lot better than "I'm seeing Finding Dory alone in the afternoon cause I'm unemployed and bored."


Leave it to me, an unemployed person, to still complain about it being Monday


I'm preparing myself for retirement by being unemployed


Of course I'm getting a lot done while being unemployed. I just ran some hot water over ice cubes in my sink to watch them melt.


Being unemployed is way more fun if you dress up your pets like your coworkers and pretend you have a job where you just cry in your bed.


Now that I'm unemployed and living at my mom's house, I don't want a relationship anymore. Suddenly I can empathize with all the guys I've ever dated


a group of unemployed gay men is called a web series


Balding, unemployed, living with my parents; Corona has completed my Costanza transformation.


got stuck talking to the guy with the Helen Hunt tattoo at the unemployed people's office holiday party


Posting an Instagram story of you at the beach on a Monday is a weird way to brag about being unemployed.


everybody tweet faster please, the unemployed people are bored.