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    11 People Share Their Biggest Video Game Fails Ever

    "So, I ended up in an infinite death loop."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their biggest, most brutal video game fails. Here are some of our favorite n00bs:

    1. Infinite Death Loop

    "I was playing Skyrim and always use two save files (in case one became corrupted) and I slipped off a cliff and died. Each reload caused the same thing to happen — instant death. I went to reload a previous save and accidentally picked the save option and, of course, I saved over both my files. So, I ended up in an infinite death loop. I only lost around 40 hours, so I'm glad I didn't do that to the 300-hour game." —sgtsoaps2

    2. Shell-Shocked

    "My 4-year-old son loves playing Mario Kart Wii with me. I use the nunchuck and he presses the A button. However, being 4 years old, he sometimes forgets to keep holding it down for the entire time. Once, he stopped holding it down right before the finish line while we were in first place. We subsequently got hit by a blue shell, a red shell, run over by another kart, and ended up finishing ninth. He thought it was hilarious." —TKGM

    3. A Spare Couldn't Be Spared

    "I was playing Oregon Trail and was 26 feet from making it to my destination when I broke a wheel and had no extra. The only thing people would trade me for was clothes, of which I had none. I had to end the game there because I was literally stuck. But you're telling me these assholes couldn't walk 26 feet so they could get to Oregon? Still salty." —monikap6

    4. The Game Said, "Game Over"

    "The Wii was really hard for me when it first came out. My friends and I were playing Mario Kart Racing and of course they chose Rainbow Road. They all finished but not me. I kept falling off the end, going backwards, and getting turned around. Eventually, I think the timer said 11 minutes, the game just went directly to the score screen because it was tired of saving me. I didn’t know it would do that." —alaurenc90

    5. Artificial Lack of Intelligence

    "On Black Ops 2 multiplayer, I was on a pretty high kill streak, which is rare for me, and I decided to use my score streak items. So I threw my AGR (a robot that gets dropped on the map in a big box) marker down, then ran around the corner and pulled out my Dragonfire, which is a drone I can operate, and started flying it. It immediately got destroyed and I was pissed off. I looked at the gameplay, and turns out my AGR dropped JUST IN FUCKING TIME to land on my flying drone. Fail." —sinfulcarrot

    6. Medical Malpractice

    I was playing Elder Scrolls Online, doing a dungeon using my first-ever healing character, got distracted, and kept trying to deal damage to enemies and wondered why my group and I kept dying. Took one of the other players plugging in a headset and yelling at me (using my ridiculous username) to do my damn job to realize what I was doing wrong. Needless to say my career as a healer was short-lived. —IndiHatter

    7. Party Foul

    During Burning Crusade in World of Warcraft, this jerk shaman in my party was nonstop challenging me to duels. Since I was a healer he would beat me, then just do it again, spamming my screen with the challenges. I got really annoyed, so I used mind control and made him throw himself in the nearby lava. The group loved it, but he did not. Unfortunately he was the leader and kicked me out of the party! —Tempest120

    8. Horse Fail

    I got my brand-new set of Zelda Amiibos and was very excited to use them. While playing Breath of the Wild, I scanned the first one and it gave me Epona (a horse) — lucky day! But then realized I was standing on the Great Plateau and had to figure out how to get her down. Google saved the day, but I struggled for an hour trying to figure it out myself. —angies43991b35a

    9. Into the Abyss

    I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and I didn't think before jumping into a dark area. Turns out I found the one spot you shouldn't land. I was fine but one of my AI companions fell through. Over and over and over and over. Not thinking, I switched control to the companion, and basically had to quit the game because they were stuck in a die-and-respawn loop that was seemingly impossible to get out of. If I had just used my main character and walked further away, my companion would have gotten out, but I didn't think about it until later. —Nudibranch

    10. When Warthogs Fly

    This was while playing the first Halo game, playing capture the flag at Blood Gultch. I was driving a full Warthog (car) and my passenger had the enemy flag. I was driving in the final flag score and as I drove over a hill near the middle of map I accidentally hit the eject button. The Warthog sailed through the air without me and flipped upon landing, forcing my teammates out of the vehicle. This caused the enemy team to have enough time to catch up and kill them... —gms89

    11. A New Gamer Is Born

    I went into labor with my daughter while playing Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road course. No barriers to hold you onto the track and contractions were distracting/painful. I still laugh about it — refused to go to the hospital until I finished the race. —eebski22

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    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.