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When we are talking about fashion, it is in literally everything in your appearance. The ideal fashionista doesn’t only wear the latest trends and fads; it is projected through every area of life involved.

timothy04 One year ago

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Be Smart about Color

When it comes to decorating and remodeling, most designers suggest using a color scheme that "speaks to you." After all, it's your home; it should be a reflection of who you are. Right?

timothy04 One year ago

What Is Anonymity In Currency ?

The conception, evolution and the eventual circulation of money as an item of value have been closely recorded and monitored over the years. One of the most groundbreaking developments in economics and the progress of money came in 2009 with the advent and development of the blockchain.

timothy04 One year ago

Your Shirt Is A Message

You are simply what you wear. Have you ever found yourself asking someone about a shirt they are wearing, and they literally have no clue about it? It can be annoying, and the impression given might be off-putting.

timothy04 One year ago


The joys of parenthood are one of the beauties of life that cannot be bought with money, yet. It is humbling, elegant and above all, reflecting, both in character and in action. However, it comes with a lot of responsibilities that screams to be bared.

timothy04 One year ago