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    This Super Hot Doctor And His Cat Are Pure Purrfection

    We love Dr. Mike and his dog, but now you have to meet Dr. Mat and his adorable cat.

    This is Dr. Mat.

    He is quite possibly the CUTEST dermatologist ever.

    (Seriously, could I get a full-body scan ASAP?!)

    But cuter still is his bond with his fluffy white kitty, Simone.

    Apparently they have a love-hate relationship, with a whole lotta love...

    ...and a little bit of hate, too.

    Simone is a mischievous little kitty.

    And she's almost as much of a daredevil... her (hot AF) daddy.

    She's adorably affectionate...

    ...and a bit of a dreamer.

    While Mat's got a rockin' bod...

    ...Simone's got a killer look.

    They just get each other.

    And they are absolutely PERFECT together.

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