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This Super Hot Doctor And His Cat Are Pure Purrfection

We love Dr. Mike and his dog, but now you have to meet Dr. Mat and his adorable cat.

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He is quite possibly the CUTEST dermatologist ever.

(Seriously, could I get a full-body scan ASAP?!)

But cuter still is his bond with his fluffy white kitty, Simone.

Apparently they have a love-hate relationship, with a whole lotta love...

...and a little bit of hate, too.

Simone is a mischievous little kitty.

And she's almost as much of a daredevil...

She's adorably affectionate...

While Mat's got a rockin' bod...

...Simone's got a killer look.

And they are absolutely PERFECT together.

Instagram: @mattypowz

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