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    Can You Identify This Band Without The Lead Singer?

    Sometimes a band is only as good as its front man. Answers at the bottom! Don't cheat!

    1. Let's start with an easy one.

    2. No? Okay how about this one?


    Alright maybe it is harder then we thought...

    3. But this current pop/rock band is obvious.

    4. These guys look more like they would paint your house don't they?

    5. To be honest, you might not recognize the singer of this band, but they just collected a couple of Grammy's.

    6. These are not insurance salesmen. I promise they are in a famous band.

    7. You can probably recognize this bands by at least one other member.

    8. And for sure this one. You know that painted-up guitarist, don't you?

    9. And that bassist had nude pics on the internet a few years ago.

    10. At this point the guitarist on the right is more liked then his no-showing once lead singer.

    11. And finally, just for fun, we take it to the 90's.


    No, not Everclear. It's not RATM either. It is a group that is near and dear to our hearts, and we all sure miss this "All Star" lead singer.

    How did you do? Here are the answers:

    1. Nickleback

    2. Creed

    3. Maroon 5

    4. Foo Fighters

    5. Fun.

    6. Rush

    7. Aerosmith

    8. Limp Bizkit

    9. Fall Out Boy

    10. Guns n' Roses

    11. Smash Mouth

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