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11 Tim Hortons Moments That Make Any Canadian Feel Right At Home

Happiness = warm coffee.

1. Seeing festive cups for the holiday season.

2. Crossing over to the dark side (even for just a day).

3. Finding a new way to get some sweet, sweet Nutella.

4. Taking a much-needed tea break.

5. Blindfolded Timbit-tasting!

6. Sipping your first Iced Capp of the summer...

7. ...or warming up the winter with candy cane hot chocolate.

8. Looking ~too cute~ in your smile cookie selfie.

9. Texting like a real Canadian.

10. Walking through your neighbourhood and stumbling across this magical pop-up:

11. Having a BFF who truly understands your Tim Hortons love.

And, of course, celebrating Canada's favorite holiday.

Head over to Tim Hortons now and Roll up the Rim to win!