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10 Reasons To Join A TABLES Group

We asked around the office today to get a pulse on the importance of small groups here at NCC. With summer TABLES groups launching this week, we felt it as good a time as any to share. Click here to find your TABLES group.

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10. Food, glorious food.

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You may not dig hot sausage and mustard, but when you're with friends who know you, there's always a plate just for you. #tableswithfriends

9. Card games.

Who doesn't love a good card game!? All TABLES groups have a special set of question cards so y'all can start by playing a game. #tableswithfriends

8. One Word: Ambeyoncé.

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No need for lemonade this summer, but with the right ambiance and a decent table, your week will be set! #tableswithfriends

7. Meet someone...special.

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Don't get your heart set on it. But hey, it'll still be good to get out of the house...and who knows?

6. Get a new job.

Maybe you're looking. Maybe you're not. But getting to know people never hurts. #tableswithfriends

5. Share better stories.

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Nothing is worse than getting stuck looking at photos of your uncle's trip to Hawaii. (Unless your uncle in Don Draper.) There are better stories to share around the table. #tableswithfriends

4. Grow up.

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Growing up doesn't always mean you turn into your mother (or father). Growing up means you become an even better version of you. #tableswithfriends

3. Make new friends.

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Don't make it weird, but your people are waiting for you. You just don't know them yet. #tableswithfriends

2. Really great community.

Gathering together around a table tears down the fences that often divide. Good times and great oldies got nothing on good food and great conversation! #tableswithfriends


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It's fun being a part of a group where you can be yourself, goof around, and go deep. Enjoy #tableswithfriends this summer at NCC!

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