Timepiece Trader The history of timekeeping and the inventions of watches and clocks is a long one. Man's development of the modern day watch and clock is a remarkable story. I'm here to tell my own story, my family's one actually, who has developed ...
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  • Time Passes, Memories Remain

    From the beginning of the world time was an important thing!In the actual time it’s more important cause there is that known expression used by most of the people, “time is money”!

  • Ring Watches

    So this topic’s idea is a new trend that we’re going to talk about, that being ring watches and for sure you won’t be able to use that as an engagement ring or even think that I am trying to talk about a James Bond gadget.

  • What Time It Is? Part II

    As we got to the second part I am going to get right to the point and present to you the brand, Franck Muller Watches in today’s case! Franck Muller is a noted swiss watchmaker known for creating complicated timepieces.The slogan of the brand is “Master Of Complications”.

  • Fashionable Watches for Women

    Time is a precious commodity and we all know it! Whether we are rushing to catch a bus, a plane or just to get in time to a meeting, we have become addicted to the routine of checking our watches. Since we are always wondering what the trends are in fashion, why not look at this year’s trends in time pieces. Because we have to admit it: watches are jewelry.

  • Smart Watches T-shirt

    We all love T-shirts with smart or funny designs.Long are the days when we had to satisfy ourselves with only that we could find in stores.Now, not only we can find a multitude of designs in the big stores, but we also can make some funny T-shirts ourselves.Here are some of my favorite T-shirts with watches. View List ›

  • How to Choose a Wrist Watch

    The window panes of many stores are filled with watches, one shinier than the other, with jewelry, electronic, automatic, cheaper, more expensive, so that it’s very difficult to choose a watch that will reflect your personality. I’ll try to give you some pointers on how to choose the right watch for you.

  • Gift Worth Giving

    Many times I’ve been asked what is the perfect gift for a person how has it all.You know the type … the guy that looks like he just won the lottery and the girl that looks like Malibu Barbie. Well, I never though this was a hard question.And I always give the same answer: a watch.

  • My Secret Little Treasure

    I’m the kind of person who really feels that every moment should be special.Every second of our life is priceless but after some time memories tend to fade and we are left with only vague images of the sweet colorful moments that we cherished.It is said that a picture is worth a hundred words, but how can you value those moments, if you can’t measure the time without a reliable watch?

  • What Time It Is? Part I

    Well it’s time for a little trip into TimepieceTrader’s vault! I thought very much on the way that will write this blog and the only think that remained into my mind was like a four chapter chronicle.So during a period of four weeks I will present to you four categories of watches I recommend to all of you.

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