35 Totally Fetch "Mean Girls" Products You Didn’t Know Existed

I know, right?

1. This encouraging banner:

2. The IRL Burn Book:

3. This relatable poster:

4. This cross-stitched piece of glorious art:

5. This oddly encouraging patch:

6. This menacing print:

7. This list of Regina George necessities:

9. This rule-breaking sweater:

10. This bracelet, featuring the greatest people you will ever meet:

11. This passive aggressive sweater:

12. This tote bag:

13. And this inquisitive sweater:

14. This weirdly detailed nail set:

16. So you agree? You think this sweater’s really pretty?

17. This incredible Mother’s Day card:

18. This crop top:

19. This pencil set:

20. This top, which explains why Glen Coco got so many candy cane grams:

21. This really great/cool sweater:

22. This “bigger is better” print:

23. This scheme-ridden sweater:

24. This declarative top:

25. This top, which poses the question: why would she refer to herself as a fugly slut?

26. This piece of art:

27. This top, which is dedicated to Aaron Samuels:

28. This slightly threatening tank top:

29. This phone case:

30. This sweater, if you want to commit social suicide:

31. This friendship bracelet:

32. This speculative top:

33. This affirmative pendant:

34. These earrings, which are just a little bit dramatic.

35. This friendly reminder of a necklace:

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