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15 Reasons Why Having A Cat Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

Feeling a little lonely? Here's proof that crazy cat ladies were right all along.

1. Cats never leave the bathroom door open.

2. They look approximately 5987 times cuter when they sleep.

3. They're happy to turn the lights off when it's time to go to bed.

4. You'll never have to remind a cat to help out with the chores.

5. Feeling clingy? No problem.

6. Cats understand that love is a two-way street

7. Cats are patient and direct when giving instructions.

8. Cats take exceptionally good care of their appearance

9. Boyfriend bothers you when you're trying to do work? Annoying. Cat bothers you when trying to do work? THE MOST WELCOME DISTRACTION POSSIBLE.

10. Fact: a pretentious cat is 400% more tolerable than a pretentious boyfriend.

11. Cats are heart-warming, not shady, when they're being sneaky.

12. Cats are open to making new friends

13. Cats don't care if you listen to Beyonce all day every day.

14. Cats give excellent massages.

15. Face it...

Your boyfriend will never...


be this cute.

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