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    25 Reasons New Zealand Is Not Just Sheep & Hobbits

    Despite what you've heard, sheep are not as prevalent in New Zealand as one might expect. And although Peter Jackson's films The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have been well received worldwide achieving critical acclaim, some Kiwi's have never even bothered to watch the movies. Surprised? You shouldn't be! So, before you make the mistake of assuming that everyone in New Zealand plays rugby….. I suggest you check out our list of 25 Regions throughout New Zealand that will hopefully open your eyes to this fantastic place to visit, tucked away in the South Pacific, and that we are lucky enough to call home. We hope to welcome you to our shores sometime soon.

    1. Queenstown

    From the moment you wake up until the moment the sun slips behind the mountains, Queenstown delivers full strength alpine scenery. Your camera is going to be exhausted by the end of any holiday. Find out more here.

    2. Rotorua

    Beneath Rotorua, the forces that have shaped the landscape are still at work. Over millions of years, volcanic action has created mountains, lakes and large areas of geothermal activity. The scenery has a highly unique type of beauty. Find out more here.

    3. Lake Taupo

    Image courtesy of Destination Great Lake Taupo

    Lake Taupo has scenery on the grandest scale - the mountains and lake dominate the landscape, changing their colour palate subtly as the seasons slide by. Find out more here.

    4. Marlborough

    Phillip Webby Photography

    Marlborough is a region of picturesque contrasts: broad river valleys dotted with wineries, soaring mountains, historic buildings, native forest, isolated beaches, rivers and idyllic waterways.Find out more here.

    5. Nelson Tasman

    With mountains, valleys, river plains and all flavours of coastline, the Nelson-Tasman region promises to keep you captivated. Point yourself in a different direction each day and discover a new view. Find out more here.

    6. Lake Wanaka

    Lake Hawea

    With mountains on all sides, and two perfect lakes at its centre, Lake Wanaka is outrageously scenic in any season. Hike, drive or fly to viewpoints for panorama appreciation. Find out more here.

    7. Bay of Plenty

    Tourism Bay of Plenty

    Beautiful coastal landscapes are the Bay of Plenty's specialty, but you'll also find mountains, forests and tranquil rivers. At any time of the year, the region is highly photogenic. Find out more here.

    8. Christchurch & Canterbury

    Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

    In Christchurch & Canterbury, contrasts are everywhere you look - the rugged alps next to smooth, green plains; the wild Pacific alongside the magnificent Kaikoura Ranges; cool, blue lakes framed by golden tussock; an earthquake-ravaged cityscape being re-imagined. Find out more here.

    9. Northland

    Sandwiched between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Northland is known for its idyllic coastal landscapes including the beautiful Bay of Islands. You'll also find ancient rainforests, waterfalls and fascinating historic architecture. Find out more here.

    10. Hawkes Bay

    The horizon tumbles down from the mountains to the sea, promising every kind of scenery. Charge up your camera and explore the landscape - the gentle climate delivers clear, photogenic days in every season. Find out more here.

    11. Auckland

    Auckland is a marine environment with idyllic islands that invite you to kick back and relax. It's also a geographical wonder, with 48 volcanic cones and two ancient rainforested mountain ranges. Find out more here.

    12. Wellington

    Wellington is full of surprises and the best was to discover these are by foot. Only then you can truly discover the quality of Wellington's cuisine and culture, as some of the best to experience are tucked away. Find out more here.

    13. Dunedin & Coastal Otago

    Dunedin & Coastal Otago's scenery has a soulful quality that urges you to stay a while. Wild, coastal landscapes contrast with heritage buildings and rural tranquillity. There's such a lot to absorb. Find out more here.

    14. Hamilton & the Waikato

    Hamilton & the Waikato's landscapes are wildly diverse. Armed with local knowledge you can find sun-dappled forest trails, magical waterfalls, vast black sand beaches and beautifully manicured gardens. Find out more here.

    15. Taranaki

    The Taranaki region has three distinct landscapes - the mountain and its associated forest, the surf-fringed coast and the tranquil rural pastureland in between. Find out more here.

    16. Manawatu

    The powerful landscapes of the Manawatu region will find a permanent place in your memory. Mountain ranges, rivers and rock stand out in a sea of green pastures and swathes of native forest. Find out more here.

    17. Southland & Stewart Island

    In Southland & Stewart Island, the scenery gets under your skin and into your soul. It will be hard to bid farewell to the vast skies, wild coastal forests and extraordinarily green rural landscapes. Find out more here.

    18. Fiordland

    Vast, remote and isolated, Fiordland is an incomparable, ancient wilderness of calm lakes, majestic snow-topped peaks, dense rainforest and steep-sided fiords. Find out more here.

    19. The Coromandel

    The Coromandel's landscapes are hugely varied - from the dead flat Hauraki Plains to the rugged peaks of the ranges; from the crashing surf of the east coast to the tranquil bays on the Firth of Thames. Find out more here.

    20. Gisborne & Eastland

    On the surface, the landscapes of Gisborne & Eastland are serenely beautiful. But after a while you'll feel the deep mysticism that exists here - the result of 30 generations of Maori settlement. Find out more here.

    21. Whanganui

    Embark on a journey of discovery. Whanganui offers relaxation and a haven from the pressures of modern living. It's a great place to rediscover inner peace and reconnect with who you really are. Find out more here.

    22. West Coast

    With the Southern Alps forming a backdrop for the entire region, scenery is larger than life on the West Coast. It's the primary reason to visit, in any season. Find out more here.

    23. Central Otago

    Central Otago is a place of dramatic scenery. Discover schist mountains studded with tors and vast valleys that were scoured by glaciers during the ice age. The climatic extremes repaint the landscape with every season. Find out more here.

    24. Wairarapa

    The untouched nature of Wairarapa's wild areas lets you enjoy landscapes unlike anything you've seen before. Put time aside to explore the refreshing parks and reserves. Find out more here.

    25. Ruapehu

    Nearly all the scenery in the Ruapehu region stems from the massive three-pack of volcanoes that dominates the landscape. The volcanoes are responsible for the deserts, the lakes, the rivers and the thermal springs. Find out more here.