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38 Ways To Spend The Perfect Weekend In Bristol

Do the West Country properly.

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2. And be sure to take a look back at the building and marvel at its architecture.

Flickr: rpmarks /Creative Commons

Much of it was designed by civil engineer, local hero, and #2 Great Briton Isambard Kingdom Brunel around 1840.

4. Have a wander round the centre to get your bearings. Everything is pretty close by.

Flickr: dgmckelvey / Creative Commons

One of the best things about Bristol is that a surprise – such as beautiful Queen’s Square – lurks around many a corner.

9. Descend from Clifton into town and embark on a pub crawl. Start at the Hatchet Inn.

Flickr: jaygalvin / Creative Commons

It's a legendary metal / rock pub and the door is supposedly covered in human skin.

10. Move on to a couple of others with literary connections.

Flickr: 100915417@N07 / Creative Commons

The Llandoger Trow is where Daniel Defoe supposedly met a real life Robinson Crusoe and The Hole in the Wall was apparently the inspiration for Long John Silver’s Spyglass Inn in Treasure Island.

11. Now cross the river to the Seven Stars Inn.

The 7 Stars / Via

Another historic boozer and CAMRA favourite boasting a great ale selection, this pub supposedly played a part in the abolition of slavery.

23. …but don’t ignore the city’s other artists.

Flickr: tmv_media / Creative Commons

Where The Wall offer Street Art Tours taking in the best of Bristolian as well as spray can workshops. Upfest and See No Evil are two festivals worth checking out.

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