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The Ultimate "Breaking Bad" Travel Guide

Join us on a whistle-stop tour of Albuquerque's meth hot spots. (Warning: spoilers galore).

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Approach the city from the west, taking a detour at the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation. / Via Breakingbad.wikia

This stunning portion of the Navajo Nation is sparsely populated, numbering less than 2,000 residents. It's an arid land of red and ochre plateaus, mesas and imposing rock formations.

To' Hajiilee is the name of the 13th episode of Season Five, and is interpreted as "bringing up water from a natural well".

Have a look for Walt's buried money. / Via Metro / Netflix

These beautiful, barren sands have served as the location for early meth cooks, cash stash spots, and a monumental shoot out in recent weeks.

Adventures Outwest can provide ATVs if you want to get a feel for the place.

Now it's time to head into ABQ proper. / Via

Albuquerque is home to half a million people and is the state's only major metropolis. Sandwiched between the Rio Grande and the Sandia Mountains it's a pretty cinematic spot and assumes a lead role in Breaking Bad.


Be sure to say hi to the lady who lives there.

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She gets a couple of hundred visits a month, apparently. Many of them hurl pizzas on to the roof by way of tribute.


It's got to be time for some lunch.

Via Steve Snowden/Getty Images

Jesse and Walt came for a nutritious breakfast after another gruesome clean-up and Mr White celebrated his 52nd birthday here.

Address: 2608 Central Ave. SE.


OK. Let's explore central ABQ. The Crossroads Motel is another key sight.

Via Steve Snowden/Getty Images

This cosy spot features in several of BB's most insalubrious scenes, most notably when Hank takes Walt Jr junkie spotting. NB: if you're thinking of staying here during your trip, have a quick gander at the place's crucifixion on Tripadvisor first...

Address: 1001 Central Ave. NE, Central Ave and I-25.

OK, let's head west to Java Joes.

Via Steve Snowden/Getty Images

Tuco's lair might have been blown sideways in the show thanks to a small serving of mercury fulminate, but in real life Java Joe's serves up 20 different coffees and features an exhibition of local artworks.

Address: 906 Park Avenue SW.


Be sure to stop off at the Dog House

Via Steve Snowden/Getty Images

This spot crops up a couple of times, most notably as the place where Jesse picks up a piece. You can grab a footlong chili cheese dog.

Address: 1216 Central Ave SW.


The Civic Plaza is a crucial stop.

Via Steve Snowden / Getty Images

It's where Jesse, wired for sound, very nearly stung Walt but pulled out at the last minute during Season 5 episode Rabid Dog. The plaza is part of Downtown Albuquerque's 10-year, multi-million dollar revitalization.

Address: 321 4th Street NW.

Swing by here if you have time.

Via Steve Snowden / Getty Images

You may recognise this nondescript plot as the home of ABQ's own Vamonos Pest Control, a specialist company whose Facebook page has for some reason been seized by the DEA.


Pay this building a visit before it goes.

Via Steve Snowden / Getty Images

Home on the show to the Casa Tranquila Nursing Home, which features prominently in Season 4 finale Face Off, this building is empty and earmarked for destruction.

Address: 8820 Horizon Blvd. NE.

Head out to the Big Chief gas station at some point.

Via Steve Snowden/Getty Images

Just come with a full tank - the pumps are long gone. Jesse bought some gas for a bag of meth in Season 3.

Address: US Hwy 550 near Zia Pueblo.

Finish off your trip with some tableside guacamole at The Taqueria.

Via Steve Snowden/Getty Images

The Schraders and the Whites turned it down in their somewhat uncomfortable Season 5 sit down.

Address: 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE.

Oh, and maybe see some non-BB stuff too...

Via Jim Feliciano / Shutterstock

The neon-lit Central Avenue, Nob Hill district, Indian Pueblo Cultural Centre and October's massive hot-air balloon rally are all worth checking out.