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    31 Signs You Grew Up In Bristol In The '90s

    Life were gert lush back then.

    1. You remember when this place was full of record stores.

    Flickr: 48028479@N00 / Creative Commons

    Replay Records was a gold mine of LPs, 10p singles and advice that teetered on just the right side of smug.

    2. Where you could get the latest gig tickets.

    Muse supporting Gene at the Anson Rooms anyone?

    3. Although you sometimes had to schlep to Cardiff or Birmingham for the really big bands.

    Flickr: 33672038@N05 / Creative C

    4. You spent your beer money at The Hatchet, but never did find out if the door was made of human skin.

    Flickr: jaygalvin / Creative Commons

    5. You drank your fair share of scrumpy.

    6. Which doesn’t mean you were into The Wurzels.

    Flickr: lauramalarkey

    Drink up thy zider.

    7. Your clubbing career began at the nappy nights at Odyssey.

    Flickr: samuir

    Classy entrance.

    8. Then there was DJ George for indie hits.

    The Thekla, The Powerhouse, The Porthouse – he got moved around a lot and you always followed. At The Cooler nowadays.

    9. The Bierkeller was £1 to get in, with a free bottle of beer.

    10. Occasionally you'd end up in a rugger bugger venue.

    Henry J Bean’s, Henry Africa’s, McCluskies and Brannigans were other ones you’d always regret.

    11. Thekla and Blue Mountain were alright though.

    12. Nights ended with potato wedges and a fight for taxis in the centre.

    13. If anyone asks now, you were well into the trip hop / d’n’b scene, and basically best mates with Roni Size.

    14. But really, the closest you got to Portishead was a dip in the lido.

    Flickr: rowrow / Creative Commons

    15. You’ve told more than a few people where Banksy started out.

    16. You remember when none of this existed.

    Flickr: eskimo_jo / Creative Commons

    Millennium Square was a wasteland.

    17. And when there were no fountains in the centre.

    18. You probably sat reading in the Boston Tea Party, where they banned smoking from midday to 2pm.

    19. You went to Virgin Megastore to hear Be Here Now for the first time.

    Flickr: renanvieira / Creative Commons

    20. They did signings too.

    Flickr: batgirlbob / Creative Commons

    21. You remember when Heart was called GWR and offered “no rap, less chat”.

    Flickr: michael-wincott / Creative Commons

    22. You’d head to College Green on New Year's Eve to snog strangers.

    23. You thought The Galleries was the future of shopping.

    24. And Cribbs Causeway was the height of glamour.

    Flickr: samuir

    Wait, Frankie and Benny’s offered Italian AND American food?

    25. Your support for City or Rovers depended on your postcode. /

    North: Bristol Rovers; South: Bristol City.

    26. You paid 2p to walk across the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

    Flickr: dgmckelvey / Creative Commons

    27. A family day out consisted of a trip to the Bristol Industrial Museum followed by a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea at Brunels Buttery.

    Flickr: heatheronhertravels / Creative Commons

    28. Their bread was proper doorstep.

    Flickr: thepitts / Creative Commons

    29. Your home town was a hotbed of celebrity.

    30. And a pretty eccentic and unique kind of place.

    31. And you wouldn't change it for the world.

    Getty / Julian Finney

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