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15 Scary Ways The Police Are Becoming Ever More Like "Robocop"

It's getting harder and harder to separate fact from science fiction in an era of augmented reality, predictive policing and miniature drones.

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2. Policing isn't enforced by robocops quite yet, but it's heading that way. In the UK a company called Kopin Corporation has produced a product called Golden-i. It's like Google Glass for coppers.

4. The accompanying Police Pro application records incidents, helps identify suspects using facial recognition, scans licence plates and can monitor vital signs.


10. These British cop cars might look kind of tame, but they're equipped with cameras, facial recognition software, black box recorders and Facewatch technology.


Facewatch is an "online crime reporting and intelligence community". There's an app too, where the public can browse and identify suspects.


All of which means we can sleep safe at night, assured an army of robocops backed by weapons and technology from the future are obliterating any threats as we lie dreaming.


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