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    19 Reasons Glastonbury Is By Far The Greatest Festival On Earth


    1. Michael and Emily Eavis

    The father and daughter duo have kept it a sponsor-free family affair for over four decades.

    2. The 2 million pounds they give away to charity every year.

    A deal-breaker for Michael Eavis and all too rare among the big promoters.

    3. The fact you can bring your own booze in.

    This is a big one.

    4. The "vibe"...

    Much-mocked, but tangible nonetheless.

    5. ...especially at the Stone Circle at dawn.

    6. The slogans

    As clichéd and often cringeworthy as any other fest, but said with more conviction.

    7. The fact you have to camp...

    It keeps it democratic.

    8. ...even if you're Mick Jagger.

    He's going one step up from a Podpad though.

    9. The naked peeps

    Sure, you get them elsewhere, but usually sans Yeo Valley bag. And these guys you suspect stay naked all year round.

    10. The Pyramid Stage

    Because it's nice when the band looks as wowed by the crowd.

    11. The Rabbit Hole

    It's a "psychedelic chateau" apparently...

    12. The Kate Mossification.

    Because you wouldn't want it to be all crusties would you?

    13. This guy.

    14. The festival-within-a-festival.

    Because it wasn't big enough already, they added an area the size of Lovebox on the side.

    15. Cubehenge.

    Combining all the spiritual nonsense of Stonehenge with the neon hedonism of post-millenial dance music. But really because Snap! played there last time.

    16. Wellyhenge.

    Because we don't let the mud put us off.

    17. Shangri-La.

    No photos do the late night areas justice. Few memories make it out intact either.

    18. The sheer spectacle of it all.

    19. Oh, and the bands.

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