16 Moves We Want Back In Music

If Justin Bieber could rock some of these we might take him more seriously

1. Musicians don’t put the effort in these days. Why can’t Ed Sheeran bust this out once in a while?

2. And how come Mumford & Sons never do this?

3. Or even this?

4. How come no-one does this any more?

5. It doesn’t take much. Just get some moves…

6. These are better than nothing.

7. Although these are probably better.

8. They don’t even need to be original.

9. We’re just asking for a bit more effort. Whether you’re the guitarist…

10. …or the drummer.

11. Fire in general is a quick fix solution.

12. Just have a thing.

13. Anything.

14. Headbang if you can’t think of anything else.

15. So, Emeli Sandé, if you want to be a bit less vanilla, try striking a pose.

16. And Macklemore, try this once in a while.

17. Because most of you come across like this.

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