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    Ten Signs You Grew Up In The Northern Panhandle Of WV

    "We're more like a suburb of Pittsburgh....really."

    1. People often ask you why you don't have a thick Southern Drawl.


    Sorry to disappoint, friend, but we live above the Mason Dixon line. You don't have to go much farther South to hear the twang of a Southern Bell.

    2. You've never known anyone who has had sexual relations with their cousin.


    3. Or with animals, for that matter.

    Well, there was that one guy.....

    4. You get very frustrated when you go other places and mention that you are from West Virginia, only to discover that too many people don't know West Virginia is actually a state and not just Western Virginia.


    "No, West Virginia, not Western Virginia. We've got an entire History Class dedicated to how to convince you we legally succeeded.

    5. Social Media is the only reason you know what is actually happening in the world.


    Without it, we would still be five years behind. Maybe its because people still don't know we're a state, so they forget to send us updates!

    6. You often hear WV stereotypes, and shamefully claim to be more like the states surrounding the panhandle.


    You know...we're actually a suburb of Pittsburgh...or Columbus.

    7. You are actually surprised to find out that some of the stereotypes are accurate if you go farther south.


    Oh. Oh.OH.

    8. We don't all wear boots and Camo.

    But some people do. You do you.

    9. You leap to the defense of your state (Sometimes).



    Only we are allowed to make fun of our backward ways.

    10. This is West Virginia, and sometimes we hate it, but, at the end of the day, it isn't the worst place to call home.

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