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Must Try Out Street Food In Sri Lanka – Spice-Filled Sensations

If you are a foodie who wants an exotic culinary adventure, then there is no better place than Sri Lanka, where one will find an assortment of street food to temp and titillate your taste buds!

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Kottu Roti / Via

A perennial favourite, kottu roti is made up of shredded strips of godhamba roti that are stir-fried with vegetables and different kinds of meat or seafood, depending on your preference. The roast chicken cheese kottu is one dish well worth trying.

Achcharu / Via

Sri Lankans love spicy food, even when it comes to fruits! Achcharu is basically half-ripe fruits that have been well mixed with chillier powder, salt, pepper and sometimes vinegar too. Popular fruits used for achcharu include mangoes, pineapple and a quite sour local fruit called ambarella.

Isso Wade / Via

This wonderful deep-fried snack features a freshly fried prawn on top and is very popular. Another variation of this is a wade with a small crab on top instead. Of course to truly savour seafood you need to head to the south coast where places like Pebbles Beach Villa offer some seafood delights.

Samosas / Via

Another deep-fried treat, the triangle-shaped samosa is also readily available at most street side eateries. A savoury delight, samosas usually have a spice-filled filling of vegetable or meat be it beef or chicken.

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