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Festivals & Events Not To Miss When In Thailand –How To Experience The Thai Culture

For some of us, Thailand is all about that incredible shopping experience, mouth-watering food right off the streets and its killer nightlife scene. But for a curious traveller looking to explore the Thai culture might want to catch up one or two of these festivals and events when vacationing in this exotic holiday destination.

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Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival / Via

Otherwise known as the world’s biggest water fight, Songkran Festival kicks off every year on 13th April. The nationwide water fight that goes on for three days evolves from pouring water over Buddha statues on the first day, which symbolises purification.

Loy Krathong Festival / Via

Celebrated nationwide, Loy Krathong Festival takes place in November, on the night of the full moon. Watch people gather by the rivers and canals to keep Krathongs afloat to show their gratitude to the waterways. Even if you are on vacation and based in a property in a major city such as AVANI Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre, you can catch a glimpse or two of this amazing festival.

National Elephant Day / Via

Activities that take place across the nation on Chang Thai Day demonstrate the importance of the elephants and how the Thai culture is centred on these magnificent beasts. The activities also include luncheons for the elephants, entertaining shows and even special blessing ceremonies.

Vegetarian Festival / Via

An exhilarating festival that runs for 9 days, the Vegetarian Festival is celebrated on the 9th lunar month according to the Chinese calendar. The festival features committing ritualized mutilation while the devotees are under a trance.

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