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    10 St. Jude Facts To Know Before You Come To DHOP

    Delta House of Pancakes - it may just seem like we're having fun and feeding you pancakes, BUT we're actually helping to change the lives of thousands of children who are affected by pediatric cancer.

    1. The Beginning

    Danny Thomas was an actor and humanitarian - BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY the founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! The hospital was originally meant to be a general children's hospital, but during their fundraising process in 1955, the board decided that it should be a specialized hospital for pediatric cancer.

    2. Why St. Jude?

    St. Jude of is the patron saint of lost causes and hopeless cases, if you have no one else to turn to you can always turn to Jude. The hospital embodies this mentality, bringing hope to those who believe that there is none.

    3. Location

    There is only one location of St. Jude in Memphis, Tennessee, though there are seven afflitate clinics in the US.

    4. The Operation Cost

    It costs two million dollars a day to run St. Jude

    5. Cancer Stats

    When St. Jude first opened in 1962, the survival rate for childhood cancer was only 20%. Because of treatments developed at the hospital, that rate has risen to 80% today!

    6. Research

    A cool thing about St. Jude is that it is also a research hospital! Treatments are developed onsite and can be easily walked to the patient in need.

    7. Numbers

    On average, St. Jude has 7.8k patients a year, most are treated on an outpatient basis.

    8. The Commercials

    We've all seen those commercials with Jennifer Aniston... When she tells you that families don't have to pay for anything at St. Jude, SHE MEANS IT! All travel, treatment, and housing that insurance will not cover, St. Jude will pay.

    9. Tri Delta & St. Jude

    All of the money that is raised by Tri Delta does not just cover the cost of treatment. We have helped to improve the hospital in many different ways - The C Clinic, Tri Delta Place, The Teen Room are several additions to the hospital that have been added thanks to contributions. In 2014, Tri Delta nationally set the goal to raise 60 million dollars in ten years - this money is going to a housing facility so that families do not have to pay to stay close to their children who have been admitted to the hospital.

    10. Today

    From humble beginnings in 1962, St. Jude became a unique research institution where the world's best doctors and scientists came together to end childhood cancer sickle cell, and other diseases.