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THESMOKEWAY: Have Fun With Class

Fun Made Easy!!!

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I was on the plane coming back from spring break in my senior year of college. I had partied into the morning and had to be up and at the airport by 7 am…I felt fine (I was still drunk) until about halfway through the trip. I raced to the tiny airplane bathroom and experienced what could easily be classified as the worst diarrhoea of my life. We all know how bad alcohol poops are, and my nostrils agreed. The combination of the horrible smell and my already queasy stomach resulted in throwing up rather vigorously, which in turn caused me to get a nosebleed. I started crying and walked back to my seat between two business men in suits while sweating profusely as my body began to experience withdrawals. I turned to my friend a row back for support and she was passed out from Vicodin. Worst Day Ever!

After such a horrible and utterly unpleasant experience I was scared of drinking, not because I suddenly disliked having fun with a couple of shots but because I deeply feared the monster that comes hunting after the fun. This monster is nothing else other than what we all know as HANGOVER. I have had several of the worst hangovers of anyone I have ever met. My hangovers have lasted for 17–24 hours, typically throwing up every 45 minutes. So I had to sort for a solution to my tormentor in chief any time I have fun with friends.

A lot of People are also afraid of getting hangover thus, they avoid drinking because of this fear and for this reason life starts to get a bit boring. For me in particular it was not easy, I knew I must do something to get rid of such a kill joy. I consulted my friend, Google, and in the course of my intense research I stumbled upon a site,TheSmokeWay, which not only helped me to have fun but also UPGRADED me.

Being a huge fan of the likes of Lil wanye, Drake, Rick Ross and so many hip hop stars, TheSmokeWay offered me the opportunity to experience the kind of fun they do enjoy. This was made possible by the unbeatable massive discounts offered by TheSmokeWay on smoking instruments. As young adults living in the 21st century, it is absolutely amazing because TheSmokeWay enables us to enjoy the modern era way of having fun.

TheSmokeWay isn’t just meant for the young folks, as about 70% of men living in USA orders their smoking pipes from TheSmokeWay. This is due to the fact that TheSmokeWay sales the highest quality and the latest smoking instruments at the best price. The prices of the products are unmatched by any online or offline shop. It makes these instruments affordable for everyone, both the rich and the poor.

TheSmokeWay offers varieties of smoking instruments, they are categorised into:

BONGS: Ceramic and Glass





You will never have to over pay for any smoking instrument again, because TheSmokeWay offers you the Best Price.

There are some many other smoking equipments sold on TheSmokeWay which are of great quality and very affordable price. Visit TheSmokeWay right now and you will forever be happy you did. Your definition of having fun would be completely re-defined for good.

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