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Why Love Your Condom Is Awesome

Love Your Condom have just launched their new website, and I thought that was enough reason to celebrate all the amazing things they do for the New Zealand youth and LGBT cultures.

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There are a lot of things that Love Your Condom do. They're part of the NZ AIDS Foundation, and focus on promoting safe sex amongst the gay community of New Zealand. However in recent times that has spread even further to the promotion of safe sex amongst young New Zealanders entirely as well.

First off, they literally give free condoms to the entire uni student population of NZ

Love Your Condom

You can be 100% sure that in your orientation bag, there will be a Love Your Condom package.

If by chance there isn't, you can always head up to the student centre among other places around uni to grab one all year round.

If somehow you can't find any at your school or around town, then you can always sign up for free condom packs that they will send to you!

Just go here to see the locations of stockists or sign up to get them delivered to you! It's all easy and free.

They make informative and enjoyable videos

View this video on YouTube

These guys have a YouTube channel full of fun content, but also full of amazing educational content that you don't learn at schools.

Once again, these don't hold back. These guys don't sugar coat!

Love Your Condom

Aside from sending out free condoms, and massive condom giveaways (check out their social media they also create awesome merch and give that away as well. They almost ALWAYS have something happening, so get involved!

They run weekly condom packing nights around the country

Love Your Condom

This the easiest way to get involved and always a fun time. The atmosphere at these events is so chill, and it's so easy to get a group of mates to head along.

They are effecting positive change in our society

View this video on YouTube

Love Your Condom is all about progression, their mindset and progressive stance on education and sexual activity is something that most countries around the world don't get.

Everyone should love LYC

Love Your Condom

This awesome organisation are so incredible, that everyone should get involved and help out. Their work with the New Zealand AIDS Foundation is having a massive effect on the HIV positivity numbers in NZ, and they're promoting safe sex to the youth, in an effective way that has never been done before!

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