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35 Growing Up Gay Tweets That Are Way Too Real

Thanks to the #GrowingUpGay hashtag.

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1. On still being closeted.

#GrowingUpGay... when someone says, "Can I ask you a question?" And you instantly know it's gonna be "Are you gay?"


#GrowingUpGay walking into family gatherings like

Via Twitter: @BluntHotmess


Being told you're gay and ridiculed for it in school before you even knew you were gay. #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @ChristosDallas_


#GrowingUpGay parents: im so glad none of my kids are gay me:

Via Twitter: @louisisdeadtome


#growingupgay risking your life every day like

Via Twitter: @Jordananan


#GrowingUpGay when your friends are always joking around about you being gay but little do they know you actually are

Via Twitter: @grandespy

7. On your image.

#GrowingUpGay "you look straight tho"

Via Twitter: @GrandeDuet


#GrowingUpGay "You don't look gay." Oh, were you expecting this? 💁🏽🌈

Via Twitter: @ItsDasiaVu


#growingupgay trying to act like you were disgusted when you saw your friends dick but really wanted it in your mouth

Via Twitter: @queerismosess


#GrowingUpGay every time I go to a family function and my aunts are like "do you have a girlfriend yet" and I'm like

Via Twitter: @islandsofjakeke


watching footballs games with your straight friends (gays are BEYONCÉ) #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @OnikaThot

"Gays are Beyoncé" - Words to live by.


always getting asked by little kids "why you act like a girl?" #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @OnikaThot


your dad tells you talk deeper and have a "walk" #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @aquvrius

14. On dealing with homophobia.

#GrowingUpGay hearing your parents use the word "faggy" to describe something they don't like and then trying to laugh it off

Via Twitter: @HolySiaFurler


#GrowingUpGay When the pastor in church starts talking about homosexuality and he stares right at you. 😒😳😑

Via Twitter: @Nell_WoodNorman


getting made fun of for having my nails painted at age 6 when they were hella rad #growingupgay

Via Twitter: @Bistarify


#GrowingUpGay only being out to close friends because your family would literally hate you & getting to listen to them talk shit about gays

Via Twitter: @RemiTheMighty


Feeling like shit and Hiding the parts of you that everyone didn't want to see. #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @RoyDarnell


Straight people: "so how does that work? do you.....yknow?" #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @Katastrxphe


#GrowingUpGay being told your whole life by your family to just be yourself and when you finally are they hate you for it

Via Twitter: @GayRidge


Knowing that girls you wanted to be genuine friends with only wanted you as a human accessory #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @supremejordan


When your mom would be all "If you were gay I would still love you...I just hope you're not" #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @R1De_Or_Die

23. On the struggles.

#GrowingUpGay when straight girls blatantly flirt with you all the time but won't do anything with you

Via Twitter: @jenny_perelli


Hooking up with someone from HS for them to turn around and be straight afterwards.... #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @AnthonyCrimi


When you fall in love with a straight person and it makes you want to rip your heart out and stomp on it #GrowingUpGay



pretending you have that pic of a woman in a bikini bc it's your "body goals" #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @Katastrxphe


#GrowingUpGay playing it cool in the locker room like

Via Twitter: @JoshGrzech


#GrowingUpGay pretending to hate magic mike when you saw it with your family but secretly loved it

Via Twitter: @AzanedoSteven


Trying hard not to fall in love with your same sex teachers #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @WaveRider2006

30. So many things.

Your female friends assuming they had the right to touch your body whenever and however they wanted #GrowingUpGay


being disowned before your wedding and being told ur going to hell #growingupgay

Via Twitter: @andrasteslight


"As a lesbian...supporter..........." #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @olivialel


#GrowingUpGay not knowing what to say when someone asked who your celeb crush was

Via Twitter: @Dylan_Dubay


Your mum praying that you will get back with your ex girlfriend you dated when you where like 10 #GrowingUpGay

Via Twitter: @callumgaga

35. And the defence mechanism.

#GrowingUpGay yelling at someone "IM STRAIGHT" when they said anything about being gay

Via Twitter: @Dylan_Dubay

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