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27 Times Mr Gay New Zealand Made Thinking Sexy

*Ponders mortality sexily*

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1. Meet Matt Fistonich; Mr Gay New Zealand.

Yes, that's a thing, there is a real competition to decide who is the best gay person in New Zealand (it also stems to the entire world).

Being the best gay in the land, Matt often shares images of himself deep in thought just like the one above. In fact Matt Fistonich is always thinking interesting thoughts...

2. Like that time he thought whilst pulling up his pants.

"Why did I take my pants off?"

3. Or that time he couldn't enjoy being at the beach because he had so much on his mind.

"Why haven't we fixed global warming yet?"

4. There was the time he had some alone thinking time.

"Are my eyebrows really uneven?"

5. Sometimes he even thinks so deeply in his sleep that he wakes up.

"Who am I?"

6. Matt isn't a seasonal thinker, he will think in any weather.

"Is Eskimo a religion? I want to join."

7. Sometimes when he thinks, he's got to hold onto a wall so that he's not torn from reality.

"I swear there used to be a door handle here..."

8. One time, Matt chilled out in the sun, but there was no chill in his mind.

"Did all the clouds leave because they're afraid of me?"

9. There was the time Matt had to stop and think in a locker room.

"I opened all these lockers and they're not mine. I didn't take anything but I looked through people's stuff and now I'm unsure whether that makes me a bad person, or am I just generally inquisitive?"

10. That time he had a beach worth of space to think in.

"Do the fish warn other fish about drowning in the air like we do with water?"

11. The time his hair reflected the sadness of his thoughts.

"I think the guy at the checkout was laughing at me, not with me... Why?"

12. And the time Matt's thoughts took him by surprise.

"Mr Gay New Zealand is a thing?"

13. But Matt can always think happy thoughts to get back in the zone.

"I'm going to become Mr Gay NZ"

14. Matt models his thinking professionally.

"I'm so much better at being gay than other people."

15. Most of his best thinking is done without a shirt on.

"Does my spray tan make my tattoo look lighter?"

16. Or pants...

"Do ants get sick and die like people?"

17. Even in self doubt, his thoughts are sexy.

"Maybe I'm just not that good at being gay... Was I fooling myself in thinking that I could be the best gay in New Zealand?"

18. There was the time that even music couldn't drown out his thoughts.

"Why do we conform to the disposable mindset that society has of the human race?"

19. There's no filter for Matt's thoughts, they just happen.

"What if there really was a farm where all the animals went to play together? Where would that be?"

20. It's often noted that Matt's pecs become filled out when he has an extremely deep thought.

"Would I be able to make the commitment required to write an entire novel?"

21. This one time Matt shared his thoughts with a friend, but they didn't really get it.

"What if we are the aliens?"

22. This one time Matt was going to sleep, but then he had a thought.

"Will I ever meet Tilda Swinton?"

23. No matter the occasion, there's always a thought in the back of Matt's head.

"There's a high chance that I stood on a bug and killed it today, and I wouldn't even know."

24. Matt's thoughts don't get holidays, they're on call 24/7.

"Do squirrels even understand that it's Christmas? What if they all celebrate Hanukkah?"

25. This one time, Matt thought so deeply and the whole world turned black and white for a minute.

"If I disappeared, who would be the first person to suffer because of it?"

26. Matt's thoughts are so powerful, he has once used them to teleport.


27. No matter what, Matt's thoughts will always shed light on the beauty of the world.

"Could I pick a favourite ab?
Probably not..."

Keep sharing your beautiful thoughts with us all Matt!

To see more of Matt's intense thinking, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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