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22 Times John Key Slayed Instagram

New Zealand knows who the real star is: their Insta-happy PM.

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1. New Zealand's Prime Minister has never been shy of showing the world a glimpse of his life on social media: like that time he won a second election but chose to play it cool with son Max.

Conceal don't feel. Conceal don't feel. Conceal don't feel.

2. That time he was stoked to share his exciting plan for bigger barrels.

"Like this, but wider."

3. That time he just hung out.

Points lost for the photographer's reflection in the mirror.

4. That time he hung out with a trophy.

He's not looking at the right camera, but we can still tell that he's calculating a cool caption in his head.


5. That time he smouldered.

How stoked is that succulent though?

6. That time he was super jealous of Prince Charles for getting a free hat.

7. That time he multi tasked.


8. That time he showed TBT who's boss.

9. That time he overestimated how many of his friends would show up for afternoon tea.

10. That time he gave no fucks about where his golf ball would end up.

Golf courses are for people who play by the rules.

11. That time he was domestic af.

12. That time he was less than excited to be sitting next to Tony Abbott.

13. That time he stole a Koala.

14. That time he photobombed a picture on his daughter's account because YOLO.

15. That time he showed off his kiwiana collection.

16. That time he just ignored Max because he was busy practicing his calligraphy.

17. That time he hung out with Katy Perry but was nowhere near as stoked as Bronagh – NZ's very own First Bae.

Bronagh is like: "I AM A FIREWORK."

18. That time he was not into the shirtless selfie.

The double chin of disappointment.

19. That time he had to share his toys.

20. That time he flaunted his wealth because he's #Ballin.

Moet on tap.

21. That time he practiced his Moet holding pose with a log.

22. And that time that he took a sunroof selfie.

Will the YOLO ever end?

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