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21 Questions I Have For BuzzFeed Australia Staff

I'm 10% worried for Brad, but 90% scared of him.

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1. Do you all just sit in an office tweeting each other?

Clearly the tweets are about very important stuff, but like aren't you sitting across the room from each other?

7. How come even Delta Goodrem couldn't persuade Brad to let go of his inhibitions and smile?

Thanks for dropping by & joining us for pizza @DeltaGoodrem! You are officially part of the BuzzFeed fam 💁🏼❤️🙏🏻🍕💅🏻🎉👑

8. How many of you started working there just for the sick clothes?

9. Is that your everyday lunchtime hangout?

"Just us and the opera house... nbd."

11. How does it feel, knowing you are doing God's work?

I am shocked to discover Liam is actually the most popular Hemsworth according to SCIENCE


12. At what point do you decide that you've won the internet, and just go home?

13. Seriously, what's wrong Brad?

14. What makes you better than the rest of BuzzFeed's worldly places?

17. Am I meant to be sad that Julia Gillard isn't prime minister anymore?


I'm incredibly out of touch with Straya politics, but I love me some Julia.

19. What IS Brad?

20. And finally... ???????!?

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