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11 Things City People With Outdoor Spaces Know To Be True

All hail the balcony. And with TIKI Brand torches and candles, you can celebrate it all summer long.

1. It might only be 10 square feet, but it’s YOUR 10 square feet of pride and joy...

2. ...which means you actually have the world’s best backyard.

3. Balconies are the best place to let your creativity flow...

4. ...and the view from your rooftop is worth every bit of sadness you feel when you have to pay rent.

5. It's where you can have a garden without really having a garden, ya know?

It's your own Zen palace.

6. The sounds of the city are like a soundtrack to your life...

7. ...and you may even have enough room to bust out one of these beauties:

8. You've proven you can do a lot with a little space.

9. Basically any excuse is an excuse to eat outside.

10. You get the chance to design a place that's your own private sanctuary.

11. And you pray that it stays rent-controlled forever!

Keep summer burning bright with TIKI Brand torches and candles.