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11 Easy Ways To Help You Power Down

The average person checks his or her phone 46 times a day. Maybe it’s time we unplug. And when you’re ready to relax outside, TIKI Brand firepieces can light the way.

If it ever feels like you're too connected to your phone... might be due for a little digital disconnection.

1. Try deleting social apps for the week.

2. Avoid keeping your phone anywhere near your bed.

3. "Forget" your phone by "accident."

4. Write a letter by hand to someone you care about.

5. Use a map. Remember maps on actual paper?

6. Spend time taking pictures with a camera that's only a camera.

7. Take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy.

8. Use real-life emojis with friends.

9. Say no to gyms with treadmills and TVs and yes to yoga with a view.

10. Go so far off the grid that you don't have cell service.

11. Dine al fresco, where no phones are allowed.

And with your phones away, celebrate TIKI Brand's #GatherTogether night on June 26.

The fact "the average person checks his or her phone 46 times a day" comes from a 2015 article from Time Inc.