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35 Road Trip Moments Perfectly Expressed By Dogs Riding In Cars

Because road trips are a humans ride to the park.

Tyler Haruta • 4 years ago

The 26 Types Of Matches You'll Encounter On Tinder If You're An Orangutan

Swiping left or right for a soul mate can be a hairy affair.

Tyler Haruta • 6 years ago

12 Signs You Missed Your Childhood Calling To Be A "Legends Of The Hidden Temple" Contestant

When that nostalgic '90s theme party costume is actually a manifestation of your subconscious unrealized potential.

Tyler Haruta • 6 years ago

Things Millennials Who Live At Home Love

A loving tribute to this and this that brings it all back home.

Tyler Haruta • 6 years ago

6 Reasons Why Sharknado Will Be The Greatest Movie Of All Time

Sharknado premieres tonight on SyFy. As if you weren't planning on watching it already, here are 6 reasons why it will take a bite out of every other cinematic experience you have this century.

Tyler Haruta • 6 years ago