This Adjustable Peg Shelf Offers Stylish Storage In Any Room

Make it for under $100.

3. Supplies:

2 foot x 3 foot x 1/2 inch wood panel - $25
Power drill
1-inch wood hole saw - $11
Sanding sponge - $6
1-inch dowel - $10
Hand saw - $12
6 inch x 8 foot x 1 inch wood board - $22
1-inch copper tube straps - 5 for $4
½-inch screw - $0.50 each
Wall anchor - $3
4-inch screws - $8
Washers - $5 for a pack

4. Instructions:

Wood Panel
1. For the 2 foot side, draw vertical lines at the 4 inch, 12 inch, and 20 inch. For 3 foot side, draw horizontal lines at 4 inch, 13 ½ inch, 22 ¾ inch, and 32 inch. Predrill holes at the intersections.
2. Use 1-inch hole saw to drill halfway. Flip over board, complete drilling.

3. Saw dowel to 7-inch pieces.

4. Saw wood board to 12 inch or 20 inch pieces, depending on preference.
5. For 12 in piece, screw 1-inch tube straps 8 inch apart. For 20 inch piece, screw 1-inch tube straps 16 inch apart.

6. Predrill holes onto the corner of wood panel. Screw 4-inch screw through predrilled hole. Stack 1-inch length of washers on screw.
7. Predrill holes in wall. Mount wood panel to wall with wall anchor.

Note: Many home improvement stores will cut wood for free.

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