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Ready For Liftoff? Try Making This Dry Ice Bottle Rocket

Blast off!

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Dry Ice Bottle Rocket

Tiger Souvannakoumane / Via BuzzFeed


Plastic bottle with pop-off cap

Dry ice







Bottle rocket:

Remove cap and cut off pop-off section of the cap.

Nose cone:

1. Fold string in half.

2. Place loose ends on the edge of your piece of paper.

3. Place marker inside string loop.

4. Draw half circle.

5. Cut out.

6. Fold straight sides into each and tape down.

7. Place open end on bottom of bottle. Pinch excess paper and tape down to bottle.


1. Draw a rhombus. Cut out.

2. Trace cut out rhombus 2 more times. Cut out.

3. Tape onto bottle.


1. Fill with dry ice and add warm water.

2. Screw cap on without the pop off cap.

3. When ready to set bottle into jar, place pop off cap and turn upside down.

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