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Make Your Own Robotic Hand With This Anatomical DIY

Talk to the hand.

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* Cardboard

* Box cutter

* Ruler

* Scissors

* Hot glue

* Hot glue gun

* String


# Cut out cardboard pieces for arm, hand slot, and back support.

# Use a ruler to bend the joints in the cardboard hand.

# Cut bendy straws into smaller pieces. 20 small pieces that go in between the joints. 4 pieces that have the bendy part of the straw. 4 pieces that are twice as long as the pieces in between the joints.

# Hot glue straw pieces onto front of cardboard hand.

# Poke a hole through the cardboard for right beneath the thumb and continue hot gluing straw pieces on the other side of the arm.

# Cut the big rectangle piece into an “H” pattern. Fold cardboard pieces inward and hot glue the edges. Stick onto cardboard arm.

# With 5 pieces of string, thread each one through the corresponding straw on each finger. Tie the ends and tie a finger loop at the bottom of each. (Optional: add a drop of hot glue to the knot)

# Hot glue longer rectangles together and use more hot glue to stick to the back of arm.

# Decorate if you want to!

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