14 Beauty Struggles Only Natural Girls Understand

You all know that I LOVE my natural hair, but sometimes it can be a bit much, and a lot to deal with. Well I’ve created a list of 15 struggles that only natural girls will understand.

1. 14 Beauty Struggles Only Natural Girls Understand

2. Your twists didn’t fully dry before you unravel them…

3. Protective styling and missing your hair. I usually only last two weeks.

4. Becoming a product junkie.

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5. Using a TON of products, even though the directions state otherwise…

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6. You shock everyone when you straighten your hair.

7. Having to introduce the satin bonnet to your significant other….

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8. Humidity = frizz.

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9. Not retwisting your hair and waking up looking like…

10. First day hair… Shrinkage!

11. People always want to touch your hair…

12. Styling your hair before bed takes forever!

13. Trying out a new style that you saw online and it turning out horrible.

14. Pretty self explanitory…

15. Bad hair days…

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16. But when the going gets tough… just remember that you’re natural hair is awesome!

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