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    12 Ideas For Silly But Sophisticated Decor

    Texture over everything.

    Lyft is a popular ride sharing service in major cities around the US. Their drivers are most recognized by their pink "glowstaches" that adorn their dashboards. We decided to pay the San Francisco-based company a visit and found that Lyft HQ was a treasure trove for quirky decor inspiration.

    1. Decorate in 3D.

    2. Use texture in unexpected places.

    3. Use words as art.

    4. Staircases are fair game.

    5. Disguise your doors as paintings.

    So you can have some ~top secret rooms~.

    6. Experiment with uniquely-shaped picture frames.

    7. Furniture doesn't need to match.

    8. Light up your team spaces.

    9. Use illustrations instead of portraits!

    10. Think outside the pot!

    11. Remember your roots.

    12. But, most importantly, don't hold back on personal touches.