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    5 Great Reads To Get You Through Your Divorce

    These books will help guide you from contemplating divorce all the way through recovering from divorce.

    Divorce is hard whether you are just contemplating it, being dragged through the process of it, or are recovering from it, it is safe to say we need all the help we can get. One of the hardest parts is struggling while you are also feeling totally alone in the journey. With over 50% of all marriages ending in divorce it is not that you are actually alone but more that we don’t discuss these things openly enough, so I found some of the best reads out there today to help all divorcees navigate the divorce journey in the best and healthiest of ways. Books can really help guide us in all aspects of our life and are pretty inexpensive aids in healing from any adversity.

    F*** It. Get A Divorce -The Guide for Optimists (FIGAD)

    Steve Kane / Via

    This book is a smart, insightful guide for anyone in a marriage or long-term relationship contemplating a divorce or breakup. Penned by entrepreneur, investor and divorced father Steve Kane, and with guidance from an advisory board of relationship experts, FIGAD provides an optimistic roadmap for the divorce-curious, offering tangible resources and exercises for self-assessment and reflection. Steve engages readers with cool humor and offers relevant and timeless wisdom on beginning again and a fresh, modern take on marriage, history, religion, spirituality and tradition. Armed with tools to navigate the divorce landscape, readers will walk away with a sense of empowerment to make the decision that’s best for them.

    Better Apart

    Gabrielle Hartley / Via

    Gabrielle Hartley and Elena Brower Authors of Better Apart are warm and caring guides who can help you compassionately part from your partner. Whether your separation is amicable, or your ex is combative, Better Apart can help you find peace, calm, and hope. Blending practical advice from a legal perspective together with spiritual wisdom, Gabrielle and Elena are experts and realists who have created a simple five-step process that uses original meditations, perspective-shifting exercises, and fresh suggestions to help navigate the common legal and emotional pitfalls of divorce. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried yoga or mediation; Gabrielle’s insight buttressed by Elena’s practices and exercises are accessible for all. Together, they show you how to meaningfully shift your mindset and to move forward though any—or all—parts of this emotionally fraught process.

    Divorce Inked Out

    Lilac Rose / Via

    Lilac Rose knows, divorce is hard. It is a painful process involving many steps. Husband and wife are not the only ones affected. Children are also bruised during this difficult time. Having guidance and foresight is crucial for all involved, to help cope. Divorce Inked Out addresses the emotional stages of divorce, while telling you like it is that divorce can be a down and dirty process, full of emotional roller coaster rides, that you wish you hadn’t stepped on. If you follow the books steps Lilac Rose hopes to offer healing and hope to everyone going through a difficult divorce.

    My Dreams Recycled

    Tiffany Ann Beverlin / Via

    Tiffany Ann Beverlin’s life as a married stay at home mother had been thrown upside down by divorce. After an inconceivable turn of events, and a fortuitous dream, Tiffany embarks on an incredible true inspirational journey to help herself and others through the abyss of divorce. All while showing that a million mistakes, tears and adversity can bring unimaginable joy and triumph. My Dreams Recycled is filled with advice tips and humor to have you embracing your new divorced life with excitement.

    A House In Hana

    Birgitt Van Wormer / Via

    If you have navigated all the way through your divorce with the great books above, congratulations you now are surely in need of some fun rest and relaxing fiction. “A House in Hana” is the story of Lani, a woman of Polynesian descent, who was adopted at a young age and grew up in upstate New York. She receives unexpected and shocking news that she has inherited a house in the remote, beautiful Hawaiian town of Hana, on the magical island of Maui. After her arrival in Maui, the mysterious and dramatic story of her biological mother and father unfolds, while Lani tries to decide whether she can afford to keep the beautiful but ramshackle house or not. She falls in love with the handsome and caring Max, the house’s caretaker. Lani struggles with one of the most important decisions of her life as her very presence in Hana rekindles the old feud that has embroiled the town for the past thirty years.

    No matter what stage of your divorce you are in, always know that chances are not only will you go on to thrive and be successful again, but hold on to hope that you too will find love again, statistically the average length of time is 3 years 6 months until you remarry.