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What It's Like To Be Hispanic On Thanksgiving

Really, it's your tia being HELLA chismosa

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As you probably know, we are approaching the months of holiday cheer.

And as we all know, Thanksgiving is *lowkey* the best holiday (sorry Christmas).

And if you're Hispanic your kitchen smells like this:

Goya / Via Google

and this:

Goya / Via Google

But sometimes it's hard to enjoy your meal when your family starts criticizing your ENTIRE EXISTENCE

Saturday Night Live / Via Giphy

Cause, you know, Hispanics have no chill

So your family has some questions that can make the holidays seem like ~trying times~

Like when your family asks about your S.O.

Or even worse...your ex

When someone comments on your "weight gain"

Watching your tias and abuelas judging la juventud

Saturday Night Live / Via Giphy

When you're finally old enough to clapback

Via Giphy

When that one child just has NO CHILL

"Suavemente! Besame...."

Via Giphy

Leaving is not an easy task

And if Thanksgiving is at your house, then nobody leaves EVER

Despite all our (laughable) faults, Goya is what brings families together this season

Via Giphy


Via Giphy
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