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    Vine Trends 2015

    *Kel Mitchell voice* AHHH HERE GOES. Incase you missed the past year on Vine, I did all this grunt-work for you. TL;DR there's barely any words.

    First off

    Welcome to Vine. Confused? Me too. Hungry? Eat a Snickers

    What are those????????!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

    Pretty straight forward. Now you know where the reference comes from when someone asks you, "WHERE ARE THOOOOOOOSE...TPS REPORTS."

    On that note...

    Google says that "those" are a plural form of that. What a time to be alive.

    Watch me (whip/nae-nae)

    We've all heard the song. Let's move on from this phase in our lives as quickly as possible.


    Honestly, props to this kid Dev for spelling this. However, Vine made this kid a star with his weird pronunciation.

    And took me to some weird corners of Vine

    Incase you didn't catch the Fetty Wap reference

    First let me hop out the...

    This guy remixed a song about getting out of his car.... 2015 = time to be alive

    But you might be wondering

    Where's Lil Terio????

    He's running through the 6 by himself

    In all honesty, this was the most recent I found on one of VIne's original stars. IF YOU'RE READING THIS LIL TERIO, WE MISS YOU


    View this video on YouTube

    This song (specifically after the 2:12 mark), has been the inspiration for many a-typical running-themed vines.

    Here's the basis:

    someone does something bad

    other person sees it

    other person says, "run"




    THAT'S IT. If you're finding a common theme here, it's that this year 2015 is THE year to be on Earth.

    With that being said...

    there's one guy who actually made a funny vine from this song (as in you'll-see-it-and-breath-out-your-nose-fast funny).

    "I'm in love with the CoCo"

    This guy O.T. Genasis LOOOOOVED coke. So much so he rapped about it. Wonder what direction Vine took this?

    This direction...

    There's too many questions here.

    How much Cocoa Puffs did they waste here?

    How'd they find that big a spoon?

    How'd they fit 2 grown men in that tub?


    Well...that's it for now.

    You're all caught up, folks. Resume your lives and I'll be back in a few months to do this again (or nah).

    Before I go, here's Ozzie Smith doing Ozzie Smith things for the baseball people out there.

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