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All Of Vine's "Trends"

It's essentially spinoffs of one vine done over and over and over get it, right? See if you can remember them all (or nah).

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"...or nah?" / Via

Do you guys remember this.......

or nah?

Also this kid gets it.

Look at all those chickens

Get it?

or nah? (last time I swear)


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Good Ol' Young Dro and his smooth, classy lyrics.

"What's 9+10?"

Spoiler Alert: The answer might shock you


View this video on YouTube / Via

Which leads me to my next one...

The Schmoney Dance

Yup...we all know it whether you want to admit it or not (don't admit it, my advice to you)

The Nae Nae

Needless to say, it's the only dance move I got down pat.

You need another example?!?!?!

View this video on YouTube's that one time that one school did it. Remind me who won again that year (for those playing along at home: UConn, twice).

Crack Kid. That's about all the effort I'm putting into this one

Do I never want to see this trend again? YEAYEASAFHOF (done in Crack Kid's voice).


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The Sisqo of our time. Another classic.

But more importantly...HOW'D HE GET FLO RIDA'S NUMBER / Via


To be honest, this is a good one. Always keeping you on your toes.

So there you are.. all (most) of the trends that have been on Vine since the start. If you've read this far, thank you (sincerely) and also look at all the time we've wasted YAYYYYYY.

As a reward, here's Lil Bub for an hour

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