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    10 Men's Necktie Facts You Never Knew

    The modern necktie has some roots. From it's birth to the new exotic knot trend, here it goes.

    1. Classic Cravat still worn today. Pretty Dapper


    These were exceptionally unique since uniforms (1600's) weren't standard in the region. The Cravat served as a way for soldiers to identify each other in combat.

    2. Some even stopped swords

    Etsy / Via

    Some Cravats reportedly stopped sword thrusts

    As Cravats made their way to England, no Englishman would be considered well dressed without one. Supposedly some were so thick, they could stop a sword thrust. Dressed to impress and keeping your coin purse.

    3. Touching a Tie could mean a duel

    There was a point in time when a man could touch another man's necktie...if he was willing to sword up. The early 1800's were a dangerous time to be touching neckties of other men

    4. Chinese Emperors wore neckties

    Shih Huang Ti, the first Emperor of China, wore a necktie as far back as 210 B.C. I know they say a lot came from China, but wow. His tomb contains 7,500 life like statues of his army, all different to each soldier. Except for one thing...they all wear NECK CLOTHS!

    5. You might be a Grabatologist if....

    You collect neckties. No joke, this is what you are labeled if you collect neckties. Clearly there wasn't too much effort put into the title here.

    6. There are 177,147 ways to tie a tie.

    Alex Krasny / Via

    Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson, a hardcore mathematician in Stockholm, went down the road of science with a team and concluded there are 177,147 ways to tie a necktie. Get it on it TieBros, long way to go.

    7. 220,000 dollar necktie

    Satya Paul Design Studio put out a 220,000 dollar necktie. Containing 271 diamonds and 150 grams of real gold.

    8. Official State Tie

    The Bola Tie (seen above) is the official state tie of Arizona. Though I don't know when to ever...ever wear this tie, that's pretty cool.

    9. How many silk worms to make one quality silk tie?

    Approximately 110 silk worms must perish to make one high quality silk tie. Poor little buggers

    10. Rivals until the end!

    British stripped ties (Left image) and American stripped ties run in opposite pattern. Why this started, we're not sure, but it's nice to see old sport still in play.

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