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5 Must Read Blogs For Creative Entrepreneurs


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It’s hard work turning your creative passion into a thriving business. The struggle to maintain balance between your creative productivity and entrepreneurial responsibilities can often feel overwhelming and time draining -- leading to both mediocre products and business practices.

The good news is that it is possible to achieve balance, and we've compiled a list of our favorite blogs to help you get there. Running the gamut from motivational, to informational, to hilariously entertaining, these blogs are all must-reads for anyone with a creative gift and money in their mind.

1. Seth Godin

Best blog for:
Audience building.

The world-famous author of the Purple Cow has his blog featured as one of the top 10 blogs in a world many times. From book recommendations to how to better perform by doing less, Seth’s ideas and techniques on building a tribe of followers by relentlessly providing value is one of the most important concepts that a creative entrepreneur can implement.

2. Chris Guillebeau

Best blog for:
Boundary pushing hacks

Chris Guillebeau does not believe in building a business the traditional way. He believes that you do not need an MBA degree, 10’s of thousands of dollars or huge networks to start your business. His famous books include $100 startup and Side Hustle, both of which are critically acclaimed for the straight-forward manner in which it is written. As an author and blogger, his non-conventional ideas are line with the creative lifestyle and can provide value immediately. His blog gets more than a million visitors every month.

3. Castle & Craft

Best blog for:
Lifestyle and entertainment

Castle & Craft was created by app developer/music producer Vaughan Taylor to be a lifestyle hub for creative entrepreneurs. It effortlessly blends entrepreneurship with street culture, fashion, art, and music. Go to Castle & Craft when you need a break from your stressful day to day routine. They will get you back on track with their absolutely hilarious blog posts and youtube series.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

Best blog for:
Inspiration and motivation

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most influential personalities in entrepreneurship. He relentlessly shares advice based on the knowledge he gained through his entrepreneurial journey of Wine Library, tech-investor, and founder of Vayner Media.You go to one of Gary V’s hundreds YouTube videos when you’re on the ropes and need someone to push you back in the ring. His profanity-heavy rants will likely throw you off guard initially, but they are packed with insight and actionable tips.

5. She owns it

Best blog for:
Women empowerment

She owns it is a platform for women to share their success stories and help others committed to realizing their dreams. The content is updated constantly and they have an outstanding team of successful featured contributors. Visit She Owns It when you’re looking for strong women voices and perspectives on everything from freelance strategies, to inclusion and diversity, to structuring your corporation.

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