10 Game-Breaking "Ocarina Of Time" Glitches That Will Ruin Your Childhood

The greatest video game of all time is also the most broken game of all time.

10. The Kokiri Forest Escape

Tired of hanging out with children who just won’t grow up (literally)? Use this handy glitch to escape your forest prison and taste the sweet freedom of Hyrule field.

Via TheSkywardhero

9. Defy Gravity with Bombs

Walls? Doors? Pssh. With bombs, anything is possible.

Via BrianMp16

8. Steal the Fishing Rod

Not only does Link love breaking-and-entering and pot smashing, he also loves stealing items! Here is a quick glitch that will get you a free fishing rod, but may crash your game as well. Oh well, ‘tis the life of a criminal.

Via Rupee350

7. Turn Items into Bottles (Reverse Bottle Adventure)

Never have enough bottles to hold your milk, bugs, fairies, potions or rum? Just replace your useless items with bottles by rewriting the item out of the game. Who knew Link could be such a hacker?

Via Dinalfo

6. Dat Ass (Chest)

Who knew that feeling up a Gerudo could give you items (and/or get you imprisoned)? Just don’t get cheeky when they throw you in jail for harassment.

Via ZeldaFreakGlitcha

5. Lift the Archery Guy

We always knew the archery guy had no legs to stand on.

Via Zerodahero

4. Get to the Bottom of the Well Early through Animal Abuse

Just don’t call PETA.

Via homonavn

3. Turn Your Sword Into a Chainsaw

The Infinite Sword Glitch gives you the ability to hit things infinitely. Including Cuccos. Who wouldn’t want to abuse those little bastards forever?

Via effrumman

2. Door of Time Skip

If you don’t feel like being ingested by a giant tree or fish, just skip those parts by breaking through the impenetrable Door of Time.

Via oneMakaron

1. Skip 99% of the Game

If you would rather just skip the rest of these glitches and cut to the chase, try skipping most of the game through warping directly into Ganondorf’s castle. Continue to beat the ever-living crap out of GanonDORK as kid Link.

Via Zruns

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