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SMH: Things My Co-Worker Says...

you gotta love those people who make work a little more interesting.

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1. I'm dogsitting a dog.

because what else would you dogsit? :p

2. There's always a tomorrow unless it's your last.

3. I'm not artistical.


4. All white babies look like Winston Churchill.



5. "Thank goodness" from my perspective.

6. At least you get to use words like "fiscal."

7. What are we, a library?

Her reaction to someone asking us a lot of questions in the office.

8. I did ballet until high school, but I quit cuz ballet girls be bitches.

9. It's like we're in her experiment.

reference to one of our co-workers...trying to figure out if they are naive or just playing the entire office.

10. Tastes like kool-aid. Not in a bad way but, in "a way."

11. I wanna sing jazz papi!

What she said when she found out that I had never seen the movie, "The Jazz Singer."

12. Need to wash it, oop now it's in my mouth...I don't care.

13. There should be a "rate my superintendent."

14. They have "willies" too.

15. People's 253 love goes really deep.

Her commentary on the pride of Tacoma, WA residents.

16. His suspenders are keeping his pants up.

17. I'm a fan of "just enough."

18. The "churchy" guys with the collars!

that time when she forgot the word, "priest"

19. He's a doughy hipster...

When she claimed that overweight hipsters do in fact exist.

20. I like her...she's dead.

21. He looks drunk all the time, but I know he's not drunk.

Her observation about Cyrus from "Scandal"

22. He was Danish...from somewhere up there, the land of the midnight sun!

23. They don't say black and white, they say "old-timey"

When she was trying to remember the name of the black and white filter on Instagram. For the record, it isn't called "old-timey."

24. I don't know anything about anything.

25. It's a solution to a problem we don't have...isn't it?!

26. I pee a lot.

she actually takes pride in this fact.

27. All day, everyday.

she says that's how she do.

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