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    23 Things All BCU Students Have Definitely Done

    You tripped over the skaters at Millennium Point at least once.

    1. During freshers' week you made your flatmate take a photo of you with the bull.

    2. Then you went to the freshers' fair for the cheap food and freebies.

    Tia Bradley.

    You could choose between £1 Domino's pizzas, free boxes of noodles, and as many sweets as you could cram in your pockets. Dinner for a week sorted.

    3. But somehow you ended up signed to Amnesia Tuesday updates.

    4. To feel in the loop with your flatmates, you joined the Facebook group for your uni accommodation.

    Filmation Associates / Via

    The best nights in were when you and your flatmates would scroll through the group and laugh at the people arguing over bins and the washing up.

    5. Only to find out about the magical land of Curzon Gateway.

    6. The Broad Street themed nights where the highlight of Birmingham's nightlife and you did all of them.

    7. But you always seemed to end the night lost in Gatecrasher.

    Flickr: ell-r-brown / Creative Commons.

    8. Where you ended up meeting a boy/girl from a rival uni.

    Bazmark Films / Twentieth Century Fox.

    9. But a night out was never complete without fearing for your life as you walked through Digbeth with 999 on speed dial.

    Flickr: 34517490@N00 / Creative Commons / Twitter: @mrszulferino

    This was until you found a taxi service that arrived on time.

    10. When lectures began, you got to experience the wait for the lifts in Millennium Point.

    Nickelodeon. / Via

    When it did finally make an appearance, It was always full of kids from Thinktank or it would stop on every single floor.

    11. But after a few weeks you became a pro at tailgating.

    Flickr: ell-r-brown / Creative Commons / Twitter: @justinbieber

    Apart from the times you couldn't find your pass and ending up causing a queue in Parkside.

    12. You risked your life crossing the road to the Curzon Building.

    Elliott Brown. / Via

    They're putting a crossing in soon, hallelujah.

    13. And once in the building, you always seemed to end up lost.

    14. You always attempted to find a free computer the day before deadlines.

    Alloy Entertainment / CBS / Via

    15. And you complained when Moodle went down because of over-capacity.

    @BCU_IT_HELP Any ideas when Moodle will be running again? It won't let me log on due to 'technical issues'

    Even though it happened every deadline day.

    16. But when you weren't snowed under with assignments you got to visit The Custard Factory, The Mailbox, and The Library of Birmingham.

    Tia Bradley.

    17. And the Bullring was your favourite place to shop.

    18. You thought you'd got used to the Birmingham crowds but then the German market would arrive and you'd want to cry.

    Flickr: nigel321 / Creative Commons / Twitter: @LauraEms_

    You went once and it was hell.

    19. You regularly complained to anyone who would listen that the centre doesn't have a big supermarket.

    Graham Richardson. / Via

    And this lead to the worst thing about uni: The supermarket delivery.

    20. But at least there was always Eat4Less for dinner.

    21. And for dessert, a £1 bowl of fruit to share amongst your flatmates.

    Tia Bradley.

    Since going to uni you've forgotten what fruit tastes like.

    22. When it was time to go home, you had to take the dreaded walk to Grand Central.

    Antonio Roberts. / Via

    Nobody tells you when you go to uni in Birmingham that the city is made up of hills.

    23. But whether you stayed or left, the city still brings out all kinds of emotions.

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