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  • Christmas Spirit Why Is It Challenged?

    The world has come a long way baby. However, there are those who want the word Christmas. Not even a word or songs to sing. Instead of us fighting over stupidity let’s give Peace a chance. We deep down inside dream of co-existing peacefully. So why can’t we make this become reality? Our fears and being bar rated by those who object is what holds most of us back. Strength comes from having courage to stand up for what you believe is correct. Integrity and truth is important. If you are not harming anyone physically then it is ok. This is peaceful. We should never fear what is our freedom to do. The world itself is changing and evolving. The old goes and the new comes in but tradition is steadfast. Be Free to celebrate your family traditions and let’s be happy and merry.

  • The New Paradigm

    We are in it now. Many of you may wonder what does it feel like? It is the ushering in of the old breaking down and the new way coming in. What does not serve withers away. This is a positive time not a time to fear. This is when we all grow and enter into a world of Joy and Peace. All is possible and as we open to the energies we learn to look inside of ourselves to seek our own answers. Our hearts are the compass of truth. We are here to live our dreams and hopes not someone elses. You can achieve happiness. It is not a temporary feeling but a real one that stays. Some of you may see the glass half full but mine is always full and never empty. You think what you create. Be joy and create your happiness. Til We Meet Again.

  • Be Your Own Star !

    The world of blogging has many people out there who are talented and want to be noticed. Well go for it. The best way to do that is to be seen and heard on various venues, websites, bloging sites, and even radio. So in todays day and age you can be your own star. However, a remeinder of reality. It takes time and effort. Practice makes perfect. Be kind to yourself. Arrogance is a turn off. Show your talent and remember you get more bees with honey.

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