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You Can Now Duplicate Your Dog in Stuffed Animal Form

Get a mini-me of your canine companion

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Yo dawg, we heard you really like your dog, so we took a picture of your dog and made an identical plush dog…dawg. In an effort to keep that Xzbit joke alive and well, the people over at ShelterPups are creating custom stuffed dogs. Hand over whatever photos of your pooch you can supply, and they'll create a fuzzy little replica for the real dog to glare at suspiciously.

These custom wool stuffed animals tend to average eight inches in length, though exact dimensions will vary depending on your pet. And when they say custom, they mean custom. That weird splotch on your dog's nose? They'll get it. The crease between her eyes? Yep, done. The regal tufts of fur on his chest that make him resemble a young Burt Reynolds? Sure, man, whatever you say.

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