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Girl Scout Cookie Cocktails - Drink

As the age-old proverb says, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Give a man some Samoas & liquor, and he'll turn them into an awesome cocktail." And since Girl Scout cookies are just now going on sale, we sexted a trio of the country's… The Samoa by Kevin Diedrich, Jasper's Corner Tap, San Francisco How to make it: Measure out 2oz bourbon. Drink it. Nicely done! Okay, now measure out 2oz more of bourbon, plus 1oz cream, 1/2oz creme de cacao, 1/2oz egg white, and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Shake it all w/ ice, then top with the namesake cookie and shredded coconut (toasting coconut with flame torchy thingy optional). The Tagalong by David Alan, Bar Consultant/Author, Austin How to make it: Take 2oz rum, 3/4oz peanut rum creme, 1/4oz vanilla creme de cacao, and 2 dashes of mole bitters, shake it all vigorously with ice and strain it into a coupe. Now garnish with a mini-spoon scoop of peanut butter. Whatever you do, don't Skippy that step. The Thin Mint by Justin Fairweather, Evelyn Drinkery, New York How to make it: Procure 1oz London dry gin, 3/4oz creme de menthe, 1oz creme de cacao, 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, a handful of mint leaves, and 4 cookies. Put them all in a blender, pulse them until they're almost smooth, then pour directly into your mouth a 16oz pint glass. (Samoas photo in grid via

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