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Charge Your Phone Before Flying

Having a low cell phone battery at the airport is bad enough; outlet hogs are just one of the awful people getting on a plane. But now you'll have to worry about your battery being charged for a different reason -- because if your phone doesn't turn…

Thrillist 5 years ago

Everything You Need To Know About SF's Great Horror Campout

Oh, this? It's just the Great Horror Campout, an all-night, super-terrifying, interactive scavenger hunt/sleepover party/in-real-life horror movie coming to the Alameda Fairgrounds on July 11th and 12th. Here's everything (else) you need to know…

Thrillist 5 years ago

12 Things You're Basically Required To Do In LA This July

At some point this month, you'll have that realization that it's ACTUALLY SUMMER, and that you should ACTUALLY START DOING SUMMER THINGS, or else Summer's just gonna pass you by, and then what? Fall??? Boring. Here're 12 things to do in July to get…

Thrillist 5 years ago