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13 Painfully Relatable Stages Of Trying To Avoid Spoilers

This is not a drill.

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1. Realisation. Today is Monday. That means the latest episode was on last night. But you were busy last night. You forgot.

Photo of me the moment I realized UK - US time difference means I must avoid spoilers for an entire workday before…


2. Panic. You realise that the internet probably isn't the best place to be right now.

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3. Lockdown. You close all tabs. You mute notifications.

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4. Paranoia. Who else has seen it? Who can be trusted? Where's safe to hide?

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5. Reconnoissance. You casually ask if your coworkers caught last night's episode.

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6. Critical failure. They have, and they seem excited, and they begin to share opinions about the episode.

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7. Flight. You decide removing yourself from the general population is the safest course of action.


8. Isolation. You avoid talking to people or listening to people talk.


9. Reintroduction. You very cautiously attend meetings, ready to put your hands over your ears at a moment's notice.

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10. Acceptance. You already know something big happened, and you're pretty sure you know what because you've been reading up on fan theories. You're okay with knowing, even though you don't know know. Watching will still be fun.

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11. Meltdown. An errant image on a news publication ruins the surprise about a returning character.

12. Retreat. The day is over. You rush home, exhausted.

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13. Victory. You've finally made it home, mostly spoiler-free. All that's left to do is sit back, relax, and watch.

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We aren't going to suggest you sneak off to the loo to stream your favourite shows at work. We're just saying you could do that if you’re with Three. If you wanted to. #GoBinge

If your boss asks, it wasn't our idea.