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Ten Locations You Dream Of Exploring Over Spring Break

"I can show you the world"

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1. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

Spring Breakers listen up! Feeling like taking a cruise during your break, then search no more! Montego Bay is a major cruise ship port that offers an array of amenities that also includes snorkeling. Make sure you pack your GoPro and swim with the fish!

2. Paris, France

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

Fashionista’s out there, listen up! Known for its art, fashion, and culture, it is a must go see city. For the men out there, make sure you take your girl’s to this romantic city and journey up the Eiffel Tower, they’ll love you for it. #BrowniePoints

3. Venice, Italy

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

“Oh this is the night, the most beautiful night…” Don’t forget to order your own spaghetti and meatballs with your date in this romantic city where your only transportation is by boat. So make sure you know how to swim and pack the arm floaties just in case. It is a city made up of 117 small islands where the “roadways” are “water lanes” hence the need for boats.

4. Lucerne, Switzerland

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

Walk into your own fairytale in this city surrounded by snowcapped mountains and peaceful rivers. When you take pictures for your Instagram, people will think the image is from a storybook. Make sure you #NoFilterNeeded so people know it’s real.

5. Seoul, South Korea

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

Queue “Big Girls Don’t Cry”-Fergie, and step into “peace…serenity…” in Seoul, South Korea, after you check out the night life in this modern, yet historic capital. This city is a win-win for those adventurous souls out there who crave fun, yet become one with themselves through yoga. Now all that’s missing is your Starbucks, #BasicWhiteGirlStatus

6. Shanghai, China

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

Show me the money! China’s largest city and also an international financial center for the country, it’s a wonder Donald Trump has not taken over this city. Take some time to venture around the globe and indulge in the rich culture of China here!

7. Iceland

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

Surrounded by volcano’s and rough waters, it is every hikers dream to venture to Iceland. It also features black sand beaches and breathtaking waterfalls for those adventurous nature junkies that thrive on the natural elements that surround us.

8. Beijing, China

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

Being the main city of where the Great Wall of China crosses, travelers can soak in the sight of the wall and see it in person rather than your high school text book.

9. Chicago, Illinois

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

The windy city! Take a leap of faith and venture to the city during break! Go to a Cubs game or better yet, enjoy the food, shopping, and get your picture taken by the bean!

10. Alaska, USA

Spenser Wempe Photography / Via

Take in what looks like a scene from the Twilight movie and breath in the crisp Alaskan air! Be wild and curious! **No one was bitten by vampires in the taking of this photo**

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